Each month, you receive a new recorded Shamanic Journey. Vocal cues provide guidance to shape + support your experience, yet leave enough space for your intuition to take you exactly where *you* need to go.

Rhythmic drumming is used to induce a state of light, aware trance - it feels similar to deep meditation or lucid dreaming. In this 'super conscious' state, we are receptive to insights + wisdom we may otherwise miss in our waking lives.

How does it work?!

+ When you enroll, you'll receive instant access to this month's recorded Journey.

+ A new recording will replace the current one on the 1st of every month.

+ Included each month is an informational video about how to set yourself up for success.

+ You get to listen on your schedule, from the comfort of home - and AS MANY times as you want!

+ See the full list of FAQ's below.

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Sample Shamanic Journeys :

+ The following are examples of potential subject matter for the Journeys we will explore in this subscription. Each month will have a different theme, so you'll always be learning something new!

+ As a part of the program, you will become your *own* best healer. Gaining insights into different aspects of your mind, body, and spirit.

+ You'll move energy yourself - releasing what no longer serves you and calling in new, healing energy. Simply by listening to, and following my guidance, on the recording.

Journey through the Chakras.

The Chakras are part of our energy system, and each carry their own wisdom. In this Journey, we travel into one [or several] Chakras for the purpose of learning their stories + also clearing any blockages. For example, our Root Chakra's primary concern is safety - so we could work with nervous system imbalance or anxiety.

Journey to your descendants.

In this example, we Journey forward in time to meet familial descendants. Whole conversations unfold in this space together. We can ask questions about the world they live in and share our own stories, too. Here we can heal the hurts + hang-ups we carry from our own unhealthy relating within our families of origin.

Journey to a Past Life.

This Journey asks us to travel in our mind, to a place outside of our current plane of existence + into a Past Life experience. Our Soul remembers the way. Here, we can release a karmic lesson we're continuing to live out - perhaps we address recurring pain, limiting beliefs, or self-sabotaging behavior.

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Hi, I'm Erin Vivian.

I’m Erin, an energy healer, a ‘body whisperer,’ and a guide.

I found ‘alternative’ wellness because I was once deeply unwell myself. In my mid-to-late twenty’s, I was chronically ill, felt completely lost, and was experiencing a personal crisis of faith. At my lowest point, it was Energy Healing which first helped me understand our mind-body-spirit connection. My spiritual awakening unfolded over the next few years, as I learned to take ownership of my gifts and the ways they had been unconsciously ruling my life.

Since then, I have witnessed the powerful impact releasing our trapped + unprocessed energy can have for all areas of our lives! I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Body Code Practitioner and an ordained Reverend (Minister of Walking Prayer) through the Center for Sacred Studies in California. I know without a doubt that Energy Healing works, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

xo, Erin

FAQ's :

+ What is a Shamanic Journey?

An aware yet trance-like state where, through the use of drums and vocal cues, we are able to experience both the physical world and Spirit world at the same time. It feels much like a deep meditation and/or lucid dream.

+ How do I know what to do?

Each month's module includes an instructional video of how to set yourself up to have a great experience at home! And, each Journey will be accompanied by a shorter video explaining the subject matter for that month. Truly - come as you are, no experience required!

+ How many times do I get to use each recording?

You can use the recording *as many* times as you want during the month - across all devices! And, rest assured you'll have a different experience each time, too!

+ Do the recordings ever expire?

Yes. Each month, your current recording will be replaced by a new one. Typically on the 1st of the month.

+ What are the benefits of Shamanic Journey?

The shamanic drumming activates our Theta waves in the brain (4-8 Hz), which are the pathways to the subconscious mind. In this state, you experience deep physical relaxation, mental clarity, stress reduction, access to stored memories, and relief from feelings of anxiety + overwhelm.

We’re also likely to gain access to insights or wisdom that isn’t otherwise accessible to us in our busy, waking lives.

+ I decided this isn't for me - can I cancel?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime. My request is to allow yourself to experience Journeying a few times before making a decision though. As with all new things, it does take some practice to fully surrender + enjoy the experience!

+ Can I share this with a friend?

Yes! You are welcome to share this Journey experience with others in your household. My request is that if you do not live together, please purchase separate subscriptions. I've worked hard to make this offering affordable/accessible - and, if that is ever a concern, please reach out!